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My Approach

Whether you come to me for Holistic Heath coaching, Cancer coaching and even Distance Reiki my approach will be the same.

I like to ask questions and learn as much about YOU and YOUR health and health concerns. I want to know about your life and lifestyle because listen folks everyone is different. I like to create plans and discover what is going to work for YOU!


My Story

Every business has a beginning, and mine began with my own health. Truth be told looking back at it all now my journey that brought me here today to help others much like myself started long before my own health took a turn for the worst.


When I was much younger I guess in my early 30's I use to do fundraisers for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. I would do this with my children to teach them it was up to us to help others who couldn't help themselves at the moment.

That all began because of a young girl in Mingo Junction, Ohio. The school was raising money to help the family of a young girl my daughters age. I was moved beyond belief. I decided to make it my mission to help them and for about 4-5 years I did so. She eventually lost her fight and I was scarred I stopped for awhile and decided I wanted to be a cancer warrior.

At age 36 I lost my Aunt Linda to ovarian cancer. It was really hard for everyone but for me it was so hard seeing my dad suffer through losing his only sibling.

Then at 41 I lost my grandmother to Ovarian cancer as well. She actually passed from the radiation treatment. This was a life crisis to me. During this same time I was dealing with my own health issues when boom my Uncle Tim passed from stomach cancer and you know him and my dad never ever left my grandmothers bedside.

Anyways, because of my own health issues and a Dr. telling me that there was nothing they could do for me and my time was limited here and even stated if I was you I would take this time to get your affairs in order. I was like oh heck no! I will not die not like this! I had one child still in high school. No way! My hematologist said you don' t have to listen to them. Look holistically you find answers. I was thinking what is he talking about.

The search went on... I kept searching the internet for what was he talking about. I discovered The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. The worlds largest nutrition school. I mulled it over and thought but what if I die before I find the solution, what if I spend this money and it dont work.... augh...but what if it does work for me... I went with that. I started diving into it all in fact I was so hungry for the answer I felt it went to slow... I needed more information now. I noticed changes in the way I felt withing weeks... I was able to hold food down, my other issues started subsiding. Those of you who are inquisitive , yes I was still going to my Drs.... and all the specialist and they noticed things changing. My hematologist said I can tell you listen to me with a big smile. He said you be ok. I said I think so.

What I learned when I attended  IIN was the truth about what good nutrition really is and I swore and Oath to myself and God that I would seek out anyone who was hungry for the truth like myself and I would help them reverse their health crisis.

I mean that. I am here to help you help yourself. If you are seriously tired of being sick, overweight, and what ever else I will help you if your willing to actually do the work and you have an open mind. We can work together and win your health back.

This is my husband and I

Health Coaching, Reiki Testimonial

Skip is turning 65 years old this November and he is not on any medications and has no health issues. This was not the case when I met Skip in 2009 he had digestive issues and allergy issues. He is a tough guy to keep his diet healthy as it should be. He says when I go back to eating my old ways all my old problems and allergies start coming back and then I go back to the way you taught me and it all subsides.

I asked skip what he loves most about what he has experienced since he met me and he said, " Rene' has taught me a whole new way of thinking about healthcare. I never knew there was a natural approach to healthcare. "

A little FYI.... Skip is now my husband... Oh, this path I have been on has brought many a good thing to my life.

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Amanda's Testimonial

Health Coaching Testimonial

I have a skype client I have been working with right at 6 months. I had her fill out a review questionnaire for me.
With her permission I am sharing this.
"René, the sessions you and I have been having over the last six months or so have allowed me to understand more of what I wanted, they have brought me closer to my goals than I have ever been. I now understand that when even one area in my life is out of balance it can affect everything else. I learned to stop blaming others and take back control of my life. I learned that caring for myself is not selfish but should be a priority. At first I was skeptic about doing online coaching and now I now longer doubt it. I can't wait to see what my next six months will unveil . " Amanda P. San Diego, CA.

Yeah! GO Amanda !!

You can have results like Amanda. Just contact me today and set up a wellness consult.

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Cancer & Reiki testimonial.

I was scheduled for surgery to remove my tumor. They wanted to started me on chemo and radiation right away. I was traveling at the time for my job so I postpone it and was referred to Renee by an associate. I called her and she met me in person right away. We discussed many things that day. I started implementing it all right away. It was about three weeks later I went in for my surgery and the Surgeon said he wanted a new ultrasound and another test. I left the hospital that day without surgery because the surgeon said my tumor had shrunk more than half its size! I still do monthly service with her via phone and Distant Reiki. I am still healing and following a much better diet and lifestyle. Thank you.




Include a short bio with an interesting fact about the person.

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