Alkaline Diet is it good for you?

I have given much thought on this subject, Why? Because, I am someone whom don’t necessarily believe in or even like the word “diet” I am also not a fan of “Counting Calories” .

I am an advocate for making small and gradual, sustainable changes to ones food choices and also changing your lifestyle to adapt to a “healthier, happier way of life and lifestyle “.

I don’t just believe but I know from my own experience and from new findings in research that eating foods that are Alkaline can and does support the body in good health and can help prevent dis-ease in the body. I also know no one is perfect and life happens so if you follow at least the 80/20 rule it’s good but my ultimate goal for myself is 90/10. What I mean is 90%alkaline and 10% acidic.

What kind of foods would one eat following this rule…. foods you’re supposed to eat for an  alkaline  life are good for you and will support a healthy new you … lots of fruits and vegetables, and lots of water. Avoiding sugar, alcohol, and processed foods.

So, this is what I know some of you are like no I can’t give up meat… I can show you how to make the tastiest meals and you will think your eating chicken, fish, beef and yes even have a very healthy and delicious way to make “not bacon” but you will think your eating bacon.

You see you have spent your whole life going with the flow and thinking coffee is the best way to start a morning and a donut or fast food breakfast is great fuel… cheese is a good dairy choice oh and we gotta have milk. In fact, it is all so acidic it is slowly killing you and causing your body undue stress. I can teach you things to implement and your body will slowly back away from what is no longer serving it.

Where should you start? If you can do one thing for yourself this week drink more water.

Blessings to you all,

René Spires CHHC , ChCC, AADP

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