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Long before I came to discovered what holistic health wellness was I was living a busy & chaotic life. I was working crazy hours. I owned a business … NO! Correction my business owned me. I had Dis-ease in my body and my DR.’s agreed that I probably wouldn’t be around in another 2 years. I was bound and determined to survive.

One of my specialist doctors said only you can decide whether you will accept this diagnosis or not. I would suggest you look into holistic health and change your diet and lifestyle. He went on to also suggested to reduce the stress in my life.

This has brought me to where I am today,

Why Us

Bringing You New Life

I took the suggestion from  my specialist to look further into holistic health. I decided that I really had nothing else to lose. I took the plunge and dove in and discovered ways to help my body heal from my stress related “dis-eases” and discovered ways to help my body control my auto-immune.

I discovered ways to let go and new ways to make a living that were less stressful but yet supported my life,

I now enjoy family and friends and just be in the moment.

Now, I guide people on just how they can also make gradual changes to live a healthier, happier & more energetic less stress life & lifestyle.

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